Remote Lab Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login?

For specific details on how to set up your account and log in, please visit our User Guides page.

Is it slow? What should my expectations be?

When using the remote lab, the remote workstation you are using projects its screen via the network to your local computer screen while your local keyboard and mouse send commands to it over the network as well. Because of this, your experience of the remote lab is highly dependent on the conditions of your local network. If your local network is too slow, your experience will be laggy with on-screen actions feeling like they happen a bit after you tell them to.  This can make using the remote lab, especially for some applications, challenging or impossible.  If, on the other hand, your network connection is fast, using the remote lab can be very close to the experience of physically sitting at the workstation. We've found that a network speed of about 3 mb down and 0.5 Mb up is the minimum necessary to have a slightly laggy, but reasonably usable experience with the remote lab. It's likely a significant majority of home internet connections should meet these requirements. You can go here to test your network speed.

Note also that other activities on your local network (or with some network technologies during other activities in your neighborhood) can affect the available bandwidth for the remote lab. If you are having trouble, try discontinuing other high bandwidth applications (e.g. video streaming, downloading) in your household and see if it improves your experience.

We would like to hear about these issues as soon as they come up via

What is the default Windows workstation desktop size?

Windows Desktop is Full HD (1920x1080).

How do I increase the size of the remote desktop in the browser window?

You will need to logout of the remote session first then re-login. Note that the size of the RDP Desktop is set by the browser window at the time of login and not during your existing session. If you resize the browser window after login, the RDP Desktop will remain the same but will be stretched. Therefore, to change the screen size, you will need to resize the browser window before re-logging into the workstation. Then at the "Disconnected" dialog box click on "Reconnect", then login again. Remember to save any files first since they will be lost at logout.

How do I Copy/Paste Into Remote Lab?

To copy text from the local computer to the remote computer use the Remote Session Menu (Guacamole menu)

  1. On the local computer, select (highlight) desired text, then press the shortcut keys to copy the selected text to the clipboard (Windows [Ctrl]+[C], Mac [Command]+[C])
  2. Click somewhere in the remote session to make it the active window
  3. Press [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Alt] to open the guacamole menu
  4. Paste text into the Guacamole Clipboard
  5. Press [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Alt] to close the guacamole menu
  6. Click in the application where you want to paste the text and press the paste shortcut keys (Windows [Ctrl]+[V], Mac [Command]+[V])

The Start Menu on Windows is not working. How do I locate applications?

To find an application, navigate to the "Software" folder on the Windows Desktop.