ITS Learning Technologies Remote Lab

The Remote Lab is a web-based service that allows you to remotely access a workstation in UCSC's physical computer labs from anywhere via a web browser. You can use this service to do your coursework, use specialized software, and remotely participate in computer lab-based classes.

You will need to login twice: once to the Guacamole server (the technology powering the remote lab) and then once to the workstation you are using. See our User Guides for more details.

Please remember to save your files as you normally would in a physical computer lab (files saved on the workstation won't persist between sessions). Google Drive is a good option. Please also remember to log out when you are done to keep your session secure and to free up computer lab resources for other students.

As of Friday, September 3rd, the remote access system has been retired in order to prepare for Fall classes. Both the McHenry and Science Libraries are open for general purpose, in-person computing.

Remote Lab Software

The Remote Lab service acts as a remote login to an actual computer, analogous to physically sitting in front of a lab workstation, so most software available on those workstations is available for student use, with some licensing restrictions. Lists are subject to change at any time. To view currently available software lists, click the links below:

Remote Lab Notes/Alerts: